Do you know Tib3rius? He’s a great man – everything you would do but you’re too lazy to do it by hand.

Git clone it, use it.

Will it make you a l33t hax0r, nope. Will it just save you a bunch of time? Yes. Before I started PWK I wanted to write a bash script to just pass an IP as an argument and fire off most of my normal recon/enum scripts. Tib3rius (he’s white hat through and through and giving back a lot to the community) wrote AutoRecon. I was fortunate to get my hands on the beta at the very beginning of my PWK lab time. I used the beta version until just a few weeks before my exam. The latest I pulled was even better.

If you’re like me and like certain things to be ran in certain ways, that’s fine just go ahead and edit the toml file.

Exam pro tip: Run AutoRecon on the other four IPs while you’re doing the BOF and it will run most of what you should run to identify services. It even gives you a file of manual commands to run that you probably should run anyhow. It’s a great way to manage time because most of your enum will be running while you’re JMPing to ESP and redoing your badchar array for the 3rd time.

Is it the secret sauce to tasty success? I can’t say. I will say it ran something that made me look at something in a way I wouldn’t have normally looked at it…..and that leads to points on the exam.

AutoRecon is IMO the best way to collect enumeration data on CTF and PWK targets. Is it a hacking or pentest tool?….only if you want to get caught from all that noise but maybe that’s what you’re into (no judgement).