PWK Tips

Speed up your directory scans by a huge amount with this one simple trick. Remove the word “manual” from your word lists!

What will really slow down a recursive directory search in the labs? The stupid “manual” folder for Apache. Dirbuster will go down that rabbit hole for hours. You won’t find anything useful in the French version of the manual, so why scan it so hard?

If you ever think you’ll find something useful in the manual, then go ahead and go there manually because it’s on EVERY box.

Simple way to speed up gobuster/dirbuster/etc is to just remove the word manual from the wordlists like this:

sudo sed -i -e ‘0,/manual/d’ directory-list-2.3-small.txt

Sed will then remove the first instance of the word manual. Grep the file again to see if you need to remove it again or if you did it right.

modify wordlist for OSCP
Before sed, there’s that nasty word right at the top
use sed to remove first finding of a word in a text file in linux
Success! Use soap! Use sed!